Park Model Homes

Looking for an economical seasonal home in a premium location? Need more space or a more permanent setting? Want to be close to the lake and recreational facilities? A park model home at Klines Resort may be just what you need!

Park model owners at Klines have a sense of comfort, stability, and economy. It just feels more like a home than an RV, but with the same advantage of seasonal rent. That’s why park models are often the choice of snowbirds and other “full timers” in the summer season.

Park models are RV’s – but they look and feel like a small home. They are wider (12′) and taller than a travel trailer or 5th wheel, and are built like a house with shingled roof, vinyl siding, shutters, better insulation and thermo-pane windows. Our park models are anchored to a cement slab and trimmed with skirting.

By law, park models may have no more than 400 sq. ft. of living space. Some units also contain “loft” space, perfect for sleeping guests or additional storage. We allow park models to add up to an additional 300 sq. ft. for a 3 season room, deck or shed. Additions must be “non-permanent” structures, and may be subject to additional taxes as leasehold improvements.

Park models enjoy the same privileges as seasonal RV’s, with this added benefit: Park models may be sold on site as long as they are inspected and approved to meet the current re-sale rules.

Another advantage of a park model is heating; park models have either natural gas furnaces or all-electric heat pumps. This means park models are easier to heat if you are staying in the shoulder seasons, and without the hassle of filling LP tanks.

While our standard season is May – October, park model owners may elect to extend their season, or may return for the holidays, family emergencies, or other needs. However, since a park model is an RV, it may not become your year-around residence.

Since park models are more permanent, we check applicants’ credit history as part of the approval process. Park models at Klines must be owner-occupied and may not be rented, sub-leased, or listed on vacation rental sites.

See the following for additional information and application forms:

Interested? Complete the application and credit check forms and return with a $50 application fee plus the appropriate credit check fee. You must complete an interview and receive a letter of approval from the office BEFORE you finalize the purchase of a park model at Klines Resort.

You can see the park models and manufactured homes currently “FOR SALE” at Klines Resort on our listings page.

Equal Opportunity Housing: Klines Resort does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color or national origin. Park model and RV sites are open to all ages if accompanied by a responsible adult age 21 or older. Manufactured home sites are reserved for occupancy by at least one person age 55 or older as allowed under the Fair Housing Acts. Exceptions to this requirement are allowed under certain conditions.